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A happy ending (so far) to my Mac situation.

Took my Mac mini to an Apple Store. Had to wait 3 hours before they could see me; but once they did, they ran diagnostics on the unit. Hardware and hard drive checked out OK, so no need for a new machine :phew: A software conflict was the next likely culprit; but an examination of my data didn't show anything. So... we had to do it the hard way: a clean install of the OS. (Fortunately I had a recent Time Machine backup I could restore from.)

So now I'm back up and running, and everything seems to be OK. So I only lost about a day. And I hope I can get some stuff done. Yay me.

Oh, and no cost.
So I'm taking a week off from my job this week. (Back to work Wednesday March 15) I looked forward to getting stuff done; making headway on at least some of the comics pages that need finishing; start a couple of new ideas I've had lately; even possibly squeeze in a commission or two.

Naturally, my computer decides it's on vacation as well.

As the song goes, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone". And not being able to use my desktop machine makes me realize just how dependent I am on it to produce my work! The iPad Pro is a pretty capable adjunct; I can start new art on it and get it completed, and even submit them to DA through the mobile app. But I can't get to any of the drawings on my Mac, including the in-progress pages. (And I'm also becoming painfully aware of the limitations of the DA mobile app: no way of posting polls, and no way of getting to my scraps, which means the only way I can even view the new Starburst pics I posted is through Notifications. Or go to my profile page through the iPad's web browser.)

Ah well, First World problems. If worse comes to worst I can afford a new computer; although I'd then have to use my tax refund to pay back the savings account I'd have to rob for the new unit, instead of getting the new phone I'd planned on.

Wish me luck.
I have a new "Heroine in Peril!" calendar ready to go for March... I surprised myself that I was able to finish it so quickly given that I only started it yesterday! So why isn't it in my gallery? Why can't you see it when you visit my profile page?

Two words: "Unknown error".

That's the message I keep getting when I try to upload it to my gallery; even trying to it results in "unknown error". I'll try again later; in the meantime, I'll post it to my Tumblr from which you can download it.

Update: Tumblr is also being a little b*tch about uploading files. Watch this space; I'll find some way to get that art up!

Update the second: Finally occurred to me to just upload it to my own website... so here it is! (It features Charlotte, so NSFW!)

Update the third: Finally uploaded to my gallery here!

2017 Peril Calendar - March: Charlotte
1. zdabulls23 (confirmed)

2. DM2099 (confirmed)

3. (anonymous) (confirmed)

4. :iconsimonlmoore: (confirmed)

5. :iconxilimyth: (confirmed)

6. :iconjsiejkd: (confirmed)

7. :iconchwen-hoou: (confirmed)

8. :iconrobclassact: (confirmed)

9. :iconlustmonster: (confirmed)

10. :icon0madness0: (confirmed)

11. :iconarringtastic2013: (confirmed)

12. :iconhunterk2300: (confirmed)

13. :icondestinoinfinito:  (confirmed)

14. :iconriv3th3d: (confirmed)

15. :iconkingddd: (confirmed)

16. :icondyveira: (confirmed)

Still quite a few names on the list; but I'm gratified to know that those who contacted me wanting to stay on the list apparently don't seem to mind the long wait. I'll try not to make you wait too terribly much longer!
...I'd like to ask a favor of you.

But first, please accept my sincerest apologies for making you wait so long for a commission. I have a habit of not doing commissions often enough, and many of you have been waiting far too long for your turn.

The favor: please send a private note and let me know if you still want a commission from me, even if you've already waited too long for it, OR if you wish to be removed because I've made you wait an unconscionably long time.

Please let me know by February 14; if I haven't heard from you by then, I'll remove your name from the list.

Update: Forgot to add that I'm starting back on commissions now by contacting the one at the top of the list; I plan on doing more commissions this coming year.
Have a "mellow and profitable" 2017, my friends!
Finally, three new pages of Tetsuko #3 have been posted. You can start here (or here if you haven't read - or have forgotten - what went on before).

This scene took far too long to complete. For one thing, I wanted to post the entire scene at once, precisely because I suspected it would take a while to finish these pages, and I thought, because I'm introducing a new villain to Tetsuko's world, the scene would have more impact if it could be read all at once instead of one pages every tow or three (or more!) months.

Another thing that made these pages such a slog is that neither Tetsuko nor Sonya appear, thus these pages weren't as much fun to draw. In fact, we're now ten pages into the issue and the title character hasn't even appeared! But that will be corrected in the next two pages.

You think I'm juggling too many projects and characters now? Imagine what it'd be like if I tried to develop every character I've created during my adult life!

On a whim, I sat down this afternoon and wrote down (well, typed up) a list of every character I've come up with, OCs that were intended to be the star of a comic,TV series or movie (live-action, animated or combination). And I shocked myself to find out there are 19 (so far!). Most of them, of course, exist only as one or two character concept drawings and/or collection of notes on the character's setting, powers, origin, plot ideas, etc. And I have never mentioned some of these in any off my writings over the years, so there'll be a few you've never heard of.

So, in case you're curious, here they are. Of course, the first few you should be very familiar with if you've followed my work for any length of time:

Satin Steele


Dr. Sonya Gannon (even though she's technically a supporting character, she's gained enough fandom to be considered a "main" character)

Dyna the Damsel Dynamo and her alter-ego, Melissa Lockhart

Charlotte, the Voluptuous Avenger, the Pneumatic Nemesis of Ne'er-do-wells, the Buxom Beauty of... whatever's synonymous with "justice" and begins with "B", the star of Naked Justice!

And a few that I've mentioned over the years that I developed series formats for, but never did any finished stories for:

Leenah of the Lions, the first "muscle girl" character I remember creating (even before Satin or Tetsuko)

Starburst, my first actual costumed "superheroine". (When Dyna came along, I decided to shelve Starburst because I didn't think I could maintain two superhuman heroines; but lately I've been putting together some ideas for a "re-imagining" of Starburst)

Muscle Girl, the circus strongwoman who finds herself in bizarre adventures

Velshen'narith, the main character of what was to be a TV series entitled High Priestess. One of the few non-muscular female characters I've created, she was the titular high priestess of an ancient Atlantis-type civilization who is awakened from suspended animation in 21st-century America, to find that the same Power that destroyed her world now threatens ours. Only she has the power to prevent another civilization-shattering calamity... if only she knew what that power was, and how to wield it!

A few characters who were the subjects of one or more drawings, but never developed as full-fledged characters:

Carlotta, the Princess of Plunder. Up until a few years ago, I tried to have a new Carlotta piece drawn to celebrate "International Talk Like Robert Newton as "Long John Silver" A Pirate Day" on Sept. 21, but I skipped a couple and now I'm out of the habit. But I have written up some notes on what a comic/movie/TV series about her might be like; she'd literally be a princess who finds that her inheritance has been squandered by a profligate relative, and who turns to piracy (or perhaps privateering) to avoid poverty.

Daytona, a muscular mermaid

Marissa of Mars - I still haven't quite got a handle on her. Is she an Earth woman who (like John Carter) finds herself transported to Mars where the lighter gravity gives her great strength? or is she a native Martian who's extraordinarily strong even for her race and sex? Whichever she is, her adventures would have a very definite "Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon" vibe to them.

Felicia McLean, leader of a Mission: Impossible-type team of secret government operatives called Team Amazon. Like Jim Phelps of the TV show, Felicia receives the assignments, puts the team together, leads the mission, and sometimes does the (literal) heavy lifting. Team Amazon also includes...

Dayle Driver; she possesses a "fitness"-level physique (in contrast to the "heavyweight" build of Felicia). Dayle is the electronics expert/gadgeteer of the team, inventing the specialized devices (sometimes on the fly) that the team needs for each mission. I have a rough "profile" page of her somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it.

Characters I've developed somewhat of a format for, but never designed a specific "look" for (and this, no illustrations):

Sayyina, a belly dancer and another non-muscular character. Sayyina would have been the star of a series of "Arabian Nights"-style fantasy adventures (imagine if Caroline Munroe's character was the hero(ine) of Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and you'd have the flavor of a Sayyina story).

Sabra - pronounced "say-bra", like it's the female form of the word "sabre". Sabra was my variation on Red Sonja, except she didn't necessarily have red hair. In any event, working with Pump monger's "Red" character fulfills any desire I have to work on warrior-woman fantasy.

Island Girl an extremely tentative title for an idea I had for a series set either in Hawai'i or elsewhere in the South Pacific, about a young woman tossed into a volcano as a sacrifice to the goddess Pele, only to discover she's actually the human incarnation of Pele's daughter! She becomes endowed with the requisite DCM traits of massive muscularity and near-superhuman strength. After the origin story, it would be revealed that this takes place in the early days of World War II, and that "Leilani" (extremely tentative name) would be instrumental in the Allied victory in the Pacific theater.

Mecha Maid - an idea for a TV series partially based on some concepts sent to me by a fan (whose name I forget, it was over ten years ago). She's basically a female "Iron Man", a heroine who uses a powered suit of armor to accomplish her derring-do. I added this twist to the concept: the main character is a stuntwoman hired to play the "Mecha Maid" character in a TV show (within the show); the gimmick of the show is that the suit (developed by one of the stuntwoman's friends, an up-and-coming special effects wizard) actually possesses the capabilities of flight, invulnerability and augmented strength the show requires, so there's no need for SFX fakery. (The stuntwoman also uses the suit in her real life to fight actual crime.) I write a "bible" for the series detailing the concept, most of the main characters, and the main story arc for the first season, as well as half of a pilot script.

Astra inspired by photos (which I'm unable to link directly to) of actress/dancer Tanya Lemani  (probably best known as the ill-fated belly dancer "Kara" from the Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold") as a heroine named "Star Fox" for a never-produced TV series. Again, I had a "bible" and about half of a pilot episode written, but as with most of the other concepts here, I'll most likely never develop this any farther.

Which is just as well; my hands are full already with the series I am continuing.

It's yerz trooly!

And I've already got 2 patrons! Wow!
...with the posting of Satin Steele - 30-day OC Challenge 30.

This was fun in most cases; not so much in others. I've already received comments to the effect that I should do another challenge featuring Dyna or Charlotte; to that I say two things: 1) I need some time away from that kind of grind. There were times when I felt more obligated to do the drawing when in other circumstances I'd have simply ignored it and done something else. And 2) If I do another similar challenge, it own't be with this list of prompts. As I've detailed in the descriptions of the 
relevant pieces, I felt some of the themes were getting stale and repetitive (running, bicycling, and listening to music especially). I'll be on the lookout for other lists of similar themes for drawing challenges, and if I find one that suits my fancy, I'll give it a go.

In the meantime, thank you all very much for your views, your faves, and (especially) your comments!

I just realized... I created Satin Steele 30 years ago!

Here's my first drawing of her, dated 1986:

My 1st drawing of Satin Steele by DavidCMatthews
Hurricane Matthew took a slight turn to the west, and didn't come quite as close to Florida as was feared. It still came close enough to clobber the people living on the coast, but here in the Central Florida/Orlando area the effects were actually rather mild (compared to what they could've been!)

So my wife and I came through it OK; no damage to the house, not much debris to clean up in the yard compared to 2004's Hurricane Charley; and we still have power and Internet!

My thanks to everyone for their good wishes and prayers; now give those wishes and prayers to everyone in Northeast Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, because those people are next in line!
Yep, it's coming.

Hurricane Matthew is making a beeline for the east coast of Florida. Landfall is expected sometime early (like 2 AM) Friday morning somewhere along the coast near Cocoa or Daytona Beach; and it's a wide enough storm that even Orlando has been told to brace for winds from 45 to 70+ MPH. And lots of rain.

Preparing for the worst; hoping for the best.
This is a test. This deviant is conducting a test of the DeviantArt Journal system. Had this been an actual journal, the sentence you just read would have been following by actual content.

This concludes this test of the DeviantArt Journal System. We now return you to our regular programming, already in progress.

(I had to do something to get the journal about my vacation off the front page. Yeah, I could've written a piece on the newest iteration of the 30-day OC Challenge, but it's late, I'm sleepy, I barely managed to submit today's challenge in time, and I fear anything else I write will just come out "hhnoi[iubkj ef;iop;jii3k4 ,m,eldodldl elwwp2 o3k4emr.")
I'll be out of town starting bright 'n' early tomorrow morning (9/13); taking a week's vacation to get away from Disney and summer heat for a week. I'll be passing through Mayberry to visit my excellent friend JimmyDimples, then up to Virginia to visit family.

Whether I'll be drawing (or posting) anything remains to be seen, but I hope I can share something (even if it's just a sketch).

So take care, don't do anything I wouldn't do :D and I'll see you Sunday!

Update, 9-18-16: I'm back!

First, I'm gratified by the response that my newest creation has garnered. Very few of you seem to think I've "gone too far" with Charlotte (and one commenter even opined that going too far is "what makes it such a great idea!")

So what I want to do here is collect and expand on some of the thoughts and ideas I've shared in replies to comments on the various artworks. Some of these might be incorporated into the series, or not.

:bulletgreen: Some of you have noted a resemblance between Charlotte and my previous "newest" character, Scarlett, in that both have extremely curly hair and slender physiques with anomalously large biceps. (If Scarlett and Charlotte are sisters, then it looks as though Scarlett got screwed when it comes to bust size :D)

And others think that Charlotte and Dr. Sonya Gannon could be sisters, with Charlotte being the little sister - well, "little" in terms of "younger" (Charlotte possibly two to five years younger) and/or "shorter in height" (three inches, maybe); but trust me, in bust size Sonya is the "little" sister by about, oh, say, five cup sizes?

I even gave some thought to making Sonya and Charlotte sisters, and having Charlotte make occasional appearances in Tetsuko. If so, then Charlotte would be a porn an adult entertainment star: a "featured dancer" at the country's top "gentlemen's clubs", a top model for photo shoots for magazines and websites, etc. And one of her latest projects is a new series of "photonovels" (comics that use photos instead of drawings) in which she plays a superheroine who fights crime in the nude... 

:bulletgreen: On the "Pendulum Peril!" pages, there were more than a couple of comments to the effect of: if she's invulnerable to bullets, how could she be harmed by the razor-edged pendulum? To be honest, that was a matter of me wanting to have it both ways: wanting her to be able to bounce bullets off her breasts (with the accompanying "concussive deformations"), yet be able to be harmed by (and thus terrified by) the pendulum blade. So I'm positing that she possesses these (arbitrary, to be sure) vulnerabilities: to sharp-edged weapons, like swords and knives; to prolonged exposure to extremely high heat (so that she can survive the momentary heat of an explosion, but not a collapsing firetrap), and very high voltage electricity (which makes a story like this possible.)

And since I figure that any explanation of her weird vulnerabilities would be wildly improbable (even in a comic about a naked superheroine), I'm not even going to try; instead invoking the "MST3K mantra": "Just repeat to yourself 'it's just a show [or comic, as the case may be], I should really just relax'."

Warning: all links in this journal are NSFW!

Well, it's happened again: another character has sprung out from my diseased imagination.

As if I didn't already have too many projects to do - aah, you've heard all that before.

It started with this drawing - just a quick little sketch that I drew up on a piece of memo paper a couple of weeks ago, just to indulge my desire for drawing a woman with a slender build who could still flex an anomalously large bicep. (Not that different from what I've done for Sonya and even Tetsuko herself.) The big breasts were actually an afterthought.

Then I did a second drawing; the biceps and the breasts got larger. And then with the third drawing, the idea came into my head that her name is Charlotte. (Why "Charlotte"? Beats me; your guess is as good as mine.) I did a couple more drawings, adding silly little captions to them, as though she's speaking to the viewer.

And then things got weird.

Inspired by the photo you see in the corner, I drew a pic of "Charlotte in chains", and that in turn inspired me to do another "Charlotte in peril" pic - resulting in this drawing of Charlotte in the classic "pendulum" death trap.

Suddenly the ideas came cascading in: she'd be a crime-fighter/ crusader against evil type superheroine; amazingly strong but not quite superhumanly so; invulnerable to almost everything except blades, extreme heat, and high-voltage electricity. (So that bullets can bounce off her breasts, yet she can still be endangered by the pendulum trap.) She would not wear a costume - or anything else. The title of her series would be Naked Justice (although she wouldn't call herself that); and just as Batman is sometimes nicknamed "The Caped Crusader", Charlotte's nickname is "The Voluptuous Avenger". I even have a villain for her to face - "that sinister supervillain who's so obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe that he named himself after Poe's most famous poem - The Raven!"

And once again, as with Scarlett and Sonya (in her early appearances), I've given Charlotte curly hair that's a time-suck to draw. (I even changed Sonya's hairstyle to something a little less time-consuming to draw… and then I give both Charlotte and Scarlett the curly hair again! *sigh* When will I ever learn?)

So have I gone too far this time? With a superheroine with ridiculously huge breasts who does all her crimefighting in the nude? You tell me.

New page of Satin Steele "Contest Jitters"
Another milestone reached! 4,000 watchers!

This time, however, I'm ready with a commemorative piece! I finished this the other day, and just waited for the right moment to post it.

4000 Watchers by DavidCMatthews

My deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who's watching my humble efforts, and hope I can make it worth your while.
A new page of Satin Steele "Contest Jitters" is up!

Finishing this page was a real slog - that third panel was particularly time-consuming. (And it'll probably take all of 30 seconds to read *sigh*)